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Lead The Change

The Cover Story

This campaign highlights how Lenovo and AMD created new opportunities and fresh ideas to meet—and even exceed—the needs of the modern worker.


The Rise of Ryzen

While AMD was gaining more traction among users, hybrid work was becoming the preferred workstyle. These two insights drive the campaign message: lead the change with Lenovo and AMD – faster, more reliable tech solutions are here to back new work strategies.

Catch a glimpse of our work

Social Media Posts

This wasn't about just devices. This was about Lenovo-AMD solutions helping SMBs reinforce their position with new ways to connect, collaborate, manage, and deploy.


Empowerment Videos

As Lenovo and AMD join forces, the hybrid worker can lead the change with purpose-built solutions and robust strategies. 

Brochures & Flyers

The messaging focuses on how Lenovo-AMD made 'anywhere, anytime working' a gainful reality.

Display Banners

The messaging reassures the new-age worker: lead the change with Lenovo-AMD solutions, tools, and technology.

Landing page
& Email Marketing

These are confidence boosters backed by solid facts: Lenovo-AMD’s best-of-breed technology adapts seamlessly to every employee's flexible workstyle.