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Lenovo ThinkBook

The Book for The Bold

ThinkBook is built for the bold and wanted an equally bold partner for its global launch so, naturally, it chose us!


We'll provide the same level of ideation, creation and execution to you. No matter how big your business is, we promise we'll help you grow bigger!


 GOLD  at Big Bang Awards 2019 for Creative Excellence.

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Designed for generation next, ThinkBook targeted Gen Z. 

We created sales and marketing collateral that effectively targeted consumers along their entire buying journey! 


We created a whopping 300+ assets, which we conceptualized, wrote, designed, and digitized in 3 months! Fast, right?

Curious about the assets? Take a look!

Social Media Videos

Lenovo loved the social media videos we created SO much, they aired them during the US Open, delivering even more engagement.


Informative Videos

Utilizing irreverent, humorous, and dramatic stories, our videos connected with the audience and helped grow Lenovo’s business!

Posters & Flyers

Attention grabbing imagery. Copy with attitude. Our posters and flyers drove insane growth in ThinkBook sales. (Oh, and did we mention, the campaign won awards?)

Brochures & eBooks

Our aim was to educate the audience on how the ThinkBook transforms work. We did it with aplomb, combining beautiful design with engaging content!

Event Kit

Sleek and stylish, just like the ThinkBook! The booth and marketing collaterals we designed helped Lenovo stand out from the crowd.