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ThinkBook Plus

The Cover Story

Imagine creative that communicates features, resonates with audiences & grows business. That's what we do! And that's why Lenovo hired us to launch its ThinkBook Plus!


ThinkBook Plus

The ThinkBook Plus is insanely cool - a laptop you can use without opening the lid!


We took this innovation, married it to our understanding of people, and created a killer slogan that resonated with audiences and drove sales! 

See our work below!

Customer Success Stories

Time is the most valuable commodity. Every second matters. So we created a campaign showing real customers, telling stories about how the ThinkBook Plus enhanced efficiency and positively impacted their lives! Results were outstanding,  the audience loved it and our amazing client, Lenovo, did too!


Informative Videos

Utilizing irreverent, humorous and dramatic stories, our videos connected with the audience and helped grow Lenovo’s business!

Posters & Flyers

Short, sharp copy. Beautifully realized imagery. Our posters and flyers resonated with Lenovo's customers, and its promise of smarter technology for all.

Display Banners

Our aim was to educate the audience on how the ThinkBook Plus transforms work. We did it with aplomb, combining beautiful design and engaging content!

Email Marketing

The digital marketing campaign also used customer stories to reinforce the time saving benefits of Lenovo’s ThinkBook Plus.