ThinkBook Plus

The Cover Story

This campaign was a launch platform for a laptop that lets you work without opening the lid, helping you Get Time on Your Side—which became our slogan.


ThinkBook Plus

A never-before-seen integration of innovation and functionality, ThinkBook Plus was Lenovo’s big leap towards next gen innovation. The campaign saw us work relentlessly through the pandemic and against all odds do what we do best, create.

Catch a glimpse of our work

Scenario Videos

The mainstay of our campaign were stories of real SMBs. They spoke about how Lenovo devices helped them enhance efficiency, getting time on their side.


Informative Videos

We went for different this time—giving these videos a cheeky, funny, and dramatic edge.

Posters & Flyers

The messaging in these posters resonated with Lenovo's vision of making smarter technology for all.

Display Banners

Highlighting issues that SMBs face in their work lives, we focused on making our emails and banners about them getting time on their side.

Email Marketing

The aim was to educate the audience on how they can transform their workplaces, and we did it with aplomb—syncing design with engaging content.


To drive traffic towards campaign assets, we created a UGC-based responsive web page for the target audience to share what they would do in their extra time.