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ThinkCentre neo

The Cover Story

This campaign brings our teams up to speed on the ThinkCentre neo series. The purpose was to raise awareness of the product and its launch, and spark fresh interest in desktops by establishing their value and relevance.


ThinkCenter neo:
Internal Awareness

Designed to revive interest in desktops, this campaign positions neo desktops as a valuable, viable asset to businesses. It helps communicate the latest facts about desktops and their importance to creative professionals, collaborative workspaces, and the eco-conscious.

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Social Media Posts

We also lined up the social media campaign as a part of the Internal Awareness - ThinkCentre neo campaign. We intended to spread the message beyond Lenovo's employees, reaching IT decision makers, small- and medium-business owners, entrepreneurs, and our channel partners.



A set of danglers were created for internal use, spreading awareness of the ThinkCentre neo series of desktops, and a reminder that desktops are still an essential part of the business world.


A series of meaningful posters helped spread awareness of the ThinkCentre neo series of desktops, calling out its advanced sustainability, collaborative, and creativity-focused features.

Email Marketing

A series of helpful emails were crafted to tell the ThinkCentre neo series story, and the space it occupies in a business environment. These emails were crafted to announce the product lineup and highlight their flagship features internally in a bid to raise awareness.

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