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Windows 11

The Cover Story


Microsoft was launching a new Windows version after a gap of six years. And as a close associate of Microsoft, Lenovo wanted to have a dedicated campaign to convey the launch message for Windows 11. Lenovo awarded this coveted project to Position  . 

A big win-Win 11 for us!


Windows 11:
Pursue the New

With a few months to go before the roll out of Windows 11, we were tasked with creating a 'better together' storyline for Lenovo ThinkBook and Windows 11. We were to weave a story tying Lenovo's existing pillars with Windows 11 to raise awareness and excitement following the launch activities.

Catch a glimpse of our work

Social Media Videos

As a part of the 'Windows 11-Pursue the New' campaign, we created social media videos representing the seamless experiences that Lenovo ThinkBook devices running Windows 11 would offer.


Informative Videos

These videos were as informative as possible with the 'Pursue the New' campaign brief. Our focus was to showcase purpose-built solutions and robust use-case scenarios.

Flyers & Datasheets

A set of dedicated flyers and datasheets described and summarized the technical characteristics of Windows 11 in Lenovo ThinkBook devices.

Display Banners

Loaded with relevant messaging, punchy text, and rich media, our innovative display banners were meant to urge buyers to make the switch and 'Pursue the New.'

Email Marketing

We went out loud with the email marketing strategy. A series of emailers highlighted Windows 11's modern, refreshed, and revolutionary interface. This campaign suited the hybrid work culture and was a platform to announce the Lenovo ThinkBook product lineup.